Page Warrior Training Branch LLC

Your School's History

The RWTB system has a colorful history dating back more than 40 years. RWTB's continued development from a small, single-discipline midwestern school into a multi-disciplinary fighting and self-defense system is driven by Mr. James P. Rosenbach's continued desire to learn and teach martial arts. Through years of combining the best aspects of tae-kwondo, ninjutsu, karate, hapkido, weapons training, and traditional boxing and grappling, RWTB became one of the earliest true Mixed Martial Arts systems in the world.

Mr. Rosenbach holds Black Belts in five martial-art systems. He has appeared in Black Belt, SWAT, Fighting Stars, Inside Kung Fu, Ninja, Australian Fighting Arts, and Karate International magazines, and the walls of the main school in Fremont school are covered with awards, honors, articles and tributes to Mr. Rosenbach and his students. Mr. Rosenbach's 2004 induction into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame, and receiving a Black Belt - 10th degree from the International Martial Arts Alliance in 2005 are among his many awards and honors.

The main school in Fremont has operated continuously for more than 35 years, a rarity in the martial arts community, and now serves as headquarters for 12 "Training Branches" located throughout the Midwest. Students from any branch may attend any other branch at no additional cost. A number of RWTB-trained students compete professionally and some have attained national recognition and honors. However, the focus continues to be, as it has always been, providing quality mixed-martial arts and self-defense training in a Christian environment.

Your Instructor
David Page is the head instructor of the Blair, NE branch, or Page Warrior Training Branch.  He is married and has two children.  As of 2014 Mr. Page has been part of the organization for 18 years and is a 7th degree (Premier status) black belt under Mr. Rosenbach.  Mr. Page has received numerous awards from the organization and was inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2008.  Mr. Page is committed to helping people achieve their goals and being a positive influence in peoples lives.  Mr. Page also works full-time as a Deputy for the Washington County Sheriff's Office. 

RWTB Awards Banquet - Mr. Page gives out awards to students in his branch; Black Belt Certificates, Male Student of the Year, Female Student of the Year, Most Improved Student, etc. Everyone works very hard in our school and Mr. Page's words of inspiration help us in achieving our goals. Mr. Rosenbach is pictured here listening to Mr. Page.