Page Warrior Training Branch LLC


David Page

Head Instructor

7th Degree Black Belt

Premier Status

Page Warrior Training Branch, LLC, Martial Arts, Blair, NE

Come develop your body and mind at Page Warrior Training Branch

The Ultimate in Self-Defense and Mixed Martial Arts

Our Mission
It is the mission of the Page Warrior Training Branch to provide high quality self-defense training, leadership skills and life skills to individuals and organizations through the teaching of certified experienced instructors in a relaxed, professional and Christian environment. 

Co-ed classes are available for ages 4-104.


12 must-have life skills that are learned in PWTB are:

*    Focus - to pay attention

*    Respect - treat people the way you want to be treated

*    Discipline - to always do your best

*    Family - a group of people you are close to, that are the most important part of your life

*    Academic - to learn

*    Confidence - to believe in yourself

*    Attitude - to act in a positive manner

*    Choices - to make the right decisions

*    Goals - to achieve something

*    Teamwork - working together

*    Fitness - to exercise, to achieve or maintain good health 

*    Manners - to act and speak with respect

RWTB Tournament 2012 - Blair Students competed against all other branches of RWTB and took trophies in all 4 categories.
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